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Love it!

I became aware of Kalkhoff bikes while in Europe. I was delighted to find that there is a store in Portland, OR. So I went in for a test ride and was literally blown away! After two months of thinking about it, I decided to purchase it. While I was blown away by the test ride, the ownership experience has been even more extraordinary. I have been riding the bike for over 6 months in all kinds of conditions and it has absolutely exceeded all of my expectations. I have always admired the high-end craftsmanship of German-made products, and this bike is truly the BWM of electric bikes. I like this bike so much that I have recommended it to everyone I have encountered who is interested in bikes. Everyone who has looked at it has been very impressed with it. It is rare to find products that exceed their value in currency, and this one definitely does. It 's worth much more than its purchase price. The more I ride it, the more I love and appreciate it.


Dear Kalkhoff guys,
I just wanted to say "thanks" for a job very well done!
I received my new Sahel yesterday faster than promised, and in perfect condition, with an attention to detail that I could only wish to receive from my local bike stores!
The quality of the finish is superior to anything I have ever owned, and the details in the lights, pump, and delivering a bike with a charged battery and normal tire pressure just puts the service "over the top".
Thanks for providing top notch service and a high quality product.
My first 20 miles on the bike have been a blast, and I plan to do a full raving review on-line after I've completed my first 200 miles. If the next few rides are as great as the first few, this bike will be one of the best purchases I have ever made.
Good job!

Outstanding Customer Service

I very much appreciate your dedication in providing me with such outstanding service. How a company treats a customer after the sale is a true measurement of the company and it's product. I really didn't want to spend so much on a bicycle, but you guys make me feel like I got my monies worth.
Thanks much. JS

Review: 2011 Pro Connect Sport Deluxe

Re: Perfect Bike
"I've really enjoyed my ProConnect S 250 and so I figured that this one, albeit a bit spendy, would also be worthwhile. It was for me and here's why:

- Bigger battery. This isn't an issue when commuting to work, but I really like taking longer rides too and having more power means that I can think less about managing my power. Here's how it breaks down for me: If I manage my power ("eco" most of the time, "no power" on downhill where the bikes weight actually helps and "standard" when I want to get up a hill or pass someone wearing a lot of spandex), then I can get 60-70 miles. If I go all out on high then I get 31-33 miles. Things that also affect distance are weight (I'm about 175 lbs), tire pressure (I try to keep it around 80psi) and how hard you go at it.

- Bigger motor - Two big factors for this bike are that it has a bigger motor (300W vs 250W in the prior model) and that it will apply more power ("standard" on this bike is like "high" on the prior model). You are really flying in "high" mode. So it consumes more power. I think that's why they give you and 18 Ah battery instead. I tried the 10 Ah battery from the prior bike one and as expected it goes about 60% the distance. So the 18Ah battery on the S 250, used judiciously, would probably go 100 miles!

- The next biggest thing for me is the XTR derailleur. Surprise happiness: I've never experienced shifting this clean and precise. It doesn't miss and it isn't sloppy like most. Also, you can shift 3 gears at a time, or one with a lighter touch.

- Carbon Fiber and the look in general. I just love how the bike looks. Aesthetics are personal of course, but this bike is a looker and I get stopped a lot by people wanting a closer look.

- LCD panel - is great, sits very firmly on the handlebar and gives me the information I need. The only thing it doesn't have is a clock -- which would be nice.

- Disk brakes - are powerful, which is needed going at higher speeds, but be careful because they will stop you fast. It took me a couple days to get used it. I haven't gone through a winter yet, but I know from prior bikes that these will be better in the rain.

- Front light - is really powerful and cool because it adjusts where it's shining based on your speed. Most valuable at night of course.

So overall it was totally worth the cost for me. It's basically perfect. It's also transformed how I get around, how much exercise I get … and riding connects me to the city in a way that driving doesn't. I love my bike."

Ray, Portland, OR

Kalkhoff customer, 83, loves her Kalkhoff electric bike

After my heart attack in April 2009, my level of activity and stamina greatly decreased. I was struggling to even keep up with the (slower Bike Bunch) group and was no longer enjoying biking. Then I learned about the Kalkhoff electric assist bike, tried one and bought it. I can carry it on my trunk-mounted bike rack, same one I used for my regular bike. ... I can mostly get by on low power, except on the hills, and I've gone 45 miles with no problem. Without the Kalkhoff e-bike I would no longer be riding. But with it I can once again enjoy these Wednesday rides with the Bike Bunch.

Nancy, Portland, OR

Kalkhoff Pro Connect Sport Dual Drive - Wired Magazine Editors' Pick, April 27, 2011

Electric bikes can make urban commuting faster and easier than getting to the office by car—and a whole lot more fun.

Though they look and generally handle just like regular bikes, most electrics employ an intelligent pedal-assist system that adds a motorized boost to your own pedaling efforts. Most will often let you dial in exactly how much assistance you want, all the way up to levels that will let you hit Tour de France speeds without breaking a sweat.

You can buy aftermarket kits, like the one from Bionix, to convert your current bike to pedal assist. Or you can opt for a fully-motorized design with no pedals, like the YikeBike. But most e-bikes are designed from the ground up, with the electronics neatly integrated into the wheels and frame. E-bikes are generally at least 50 percent heavier than a typical city bike, so beware if you have to take the stairs. Depending on the setting, the batteries will last from 30 minutes to several hours. If you ever do run out of juice, though, you wont be stranded. Even without power, an e-bike is still a bike.

1. Kalkhoff Pro Connect Sport Dual Drive

We’re not saying texting while cycling is smart. It isn’t. But the Kalkhoff is comfortable and forgiving, we found ourselves concocting tweets on the go. Branded the “BMW of e-bikes,” this touring ride does indeed handle as smoothly as a luxury sedan, with a suspension fork and a long wheelbase for extra stability.

The 300-watt motor and 6.8-pound Lithium-ion battery is mounted near the cranks to keep the weight low and centered and, as is common with e-bikes bikes, has multiple power settings. In this case, the choices are between 50, 100, or 200 percent pedal assist. So, for instance, in the middle setting, whatever power your legs put into the pedals will be doubled by the time it gets to the rear wheel.

Beyond bonus details like the Ergon handlebar grips and full-length chain guard, the drive train was, frankly, bananas. The 3-speed internal hub combines with a rear derailleur and 9-speed cassette for a whopping 27 gears, which ensures that you can take the motor to its limits at both speed and incline. Translation: We rarely stood up while climbing. Even on 20-percent grades, the Kalkhoff maintained a gentility that was unmatched by the other e-bikes we’ve tested.

Comfort is king as far as Kalkhoff is concerned. Though for this princely a sum, it sure better be!

WIRED: Motor got us up every San Francisco hill we threw it at, often in half the time of other e-bikes we’ve ridden. Battery life for days and days (after 30+ miles, more than 50 percent juice remained). On-board computer with speedometer, odometer, and vivid backlit LCD. Headlights and taillights included. Dual-drive SRAM grip shift allows for single-handed gear changes. Biggest gear range of all the e-bikes we tested.

TIRED: Motor won’t help you handle the steep price tag. (Another $500 buys you a new Vespa. Really!). It’s great at hills but, at 49 pounds, is a beast on the stairs. As with actual Beemers, public parking causes anxiety for the owner.

$4,000, Kalkhoff

- Steven Leckart, Wired Magazine

Tasman reviews

The ride is great and you quickly become addicted to the motor's liquid power. The crank-drive motor really is the way to go in terms of efficiency and seamless, intuitive power delivery. They say you feel bionic when you ride this bike and it really is true. I have ridden 40+ miles in a day and have yet to top out the battery's capacity. The Tasman Wave frame with its practical accoutrements (chain guard, fenders, built-in wheel lock) allow for comfortable commuting in office attire. I personally think that Kalkhoff makes the best electric bike available today in the U.S. Whether you want to get more exercise, do your part to limit climate change, or just enjoy the great outdoors, you can't go wrong with an electric bike. Happy riding, and let's hope we all see more e-bike riders out there!

- Elizabeth, Palm Springs

Pro Connect Sport reviews:

Kahlkoff E-Bike and the BONGO Bike Trailer

We recently received an electric bike from Kahlkoff USA for use in an upcoming blogging project at Commute By Bike. Getting going with the project I’ve been going through the paces getting to know all of the ebikes on my daily bike commute. In this photo from last week, I hooked up a Large Wandertec BONGO Bike Trailer, so I could pick up some of the unused end rolls from our local paper the AZ Daily Sun. These end rolls make for excellent, low cost, packing materials that seems relatively low impact.

The Kahlkoff is a great ebike with the motor built into the crank area and the battery located right above. All of the componentry on this bike are top-notch, chosen for long-lasting performance with everything you need for every-day-cycling. Look for our full review over at Commute By Bike. Also our friend Pete Prebus of Electric Bike Report is currently testing out this bike, so look for his upcoming review as well.

Even with the Kahlkoff loaded down with 40 pounds of paper (plus the 16 pound trailer) weight, the Kahlkoff rode very easily. We’re very excited to be getting into electric bikes here at the Bike Shop Hub and really think that they shine in application such as my morning commute and errand, adding an extra boost for transporting heavy loads by bicycle trailer.

Posted on 18 March 2011 by Josh Lipton

Top 3 things I love about my Kalkhoff:
#3.Getting up hills without having a cardiac arrest.
#2.Blazing past road biker chicks.
#1.Staying on my husband's wheel no matter where he takes me!

- Liz, Visalia, CA.

I love the freedom of riding my bike anywhere. The steepest hill is easy to climb, which expands my biking world. I bike to the grocery store, the local pub, the pharmacy, and to run errands in areas I would have driven before. Delight!

- Steve, Portland, OR.

Purchased the Pro Connect Sport and am very pleased. The people at Kalkhoff USA were very good to work with and always responded promptly to any questions I had. The bike exceeds expectations and puts a grin on your face (fast and fun). The handlebar grips are very comfortable, the Shimano XT drive train effortless, the brakes are very solid, and the motor is quiet and smooth. The guys down at the local bike shop as well as a friend that owns the Trek “Lance Armstrong” carbon fiber bike, have all been impressed with the quality of components and design. I use the bike for commuting and pleasure. Been pleased with the battery life and very much agree with the design of having the power of the motor go through the bikes gears, as opposed to hub motors. This sport still has the feel of a bike and won’t leave you stranded if the battery dies. Great product, good design, and I hope to see more of them on the road. P.S. If you want to ride for a workout, just leave the motor off and turn in back on when you've had enough.

- Tom, Omaha, NE

My new Kalkhoff Pro Connect Sport allows me to commute more often...(22 miles one way). I am pleased to say 10 amp hours is ample power to make the ride fun and fast, cutting my commute time from 100 minutes to less than 70 minutes regardless of headwind. I bought a second charger (one for home and one for work) and am now commuting 3 days/wk vs. 1/wk. before since I’m not so tired from 44 miles of riding. The Kalkhoff makes everything seem closer!

- Mark, Denver, CO.

Agattu reviews:

I have owned my Agattu now for over a year and it has now covered well over a 1000 miles. I am 60 years of age (almost) and I can honestly say that it has changed my life. I ride the last 5 miles to and from work everyday. The journey embraces 2 major hills which I could never have contemplated on a standard bike. I think 2 aspects of the bike are worth underlining. First, you cover the ground so much faster than on a standard bike especially if there is a wind. Secondly, you can use the Agattu as a form of exercise bike, I normally use quite a lot of assistance on the way to work so I don't arrive too hot and on the way home I give myself a proper work out. Cheaper than a gym and far more eco friendly. I love my Agattu.

- Jamie Tabor Somerset, UK

I love my bike and ride it everywhere. It is especially wonderful when I know that parking will be an issue, especially since there are so many bike racks to lock up my bike in Portland. I live on a 12% grade hill and my Kalkhoff just laughs at the grade. I'm trying to convince my husband to get one too.

- Allison, Portland, OR

Pro Connect reviews:

The bike is light enough to pedal without using the motor (if you are feeling healthy or the motor breaks down!).

In my experience the bike is a very reliable commuter bike which laughs at hills (and there are a few steep ones where I live). If you are wanting to substitute the car for work I reckon you couldn't get any better.