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Tech: because knowledge is power - especially with a Kalkhoff
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Basic maintenance and upkeep of your bike will keep it in good shape for years of riding. The instruction manual includes a number of recommendations and guides for maintaining, adjusting and making basic repairs.

Your local bike dealer should be able to handle almost all of the necessary maintenance. If there is a problem with the motor, charger or battery, please contact Customer Support for a replacement or repair.

After its initial break-in period you might notice your bicycle performing less responsively than the day you received it. This is typical of all new bicycles and simply reflects that cables have stretched or their housings have seated themselves into final position. To keep running at peak performance, we recommend that you take your bicycle to your local bike shop as soon as you notice inconsistencies in your gears or brakes or experience any other difficulties. Please refer to your manual for additional information on maintaining your bike.