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News: word about Kalkhoff is getting around.
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Women Who Ride Bikes
The Oregonian /
Kalkhoff customer Nancy Johnson talks about the benefits of riding a Kalkhoff electric bike (scroll to bottom).

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Kalkhoff Pro Connect Sport Dual Drive Wired Magazine Editors' Pick
Wired Magazzine
Wired Magazine recently compared several electric bikes from various manufacturers. The Kalkhoff Pro Connect Sport Dual Drive was rated the best all-around electric bike of the group.

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Kalkhoff Electric Bikes featured on More Good Day Oregon
Stephanie Kralevich of KPTV Fox 12 Oregon visits the Kalkhoff USA showroom and takes a Kalkhoff Electric Bike for a test ride.

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Nurse Practitioner Bicycles to Treat her Patients
Belingham Herald
Jody Hoppis of Bellingham, WA is pedaling her skills as a nurse practitioner by bicycle. She started Mobile Medicine, visiting patients at their homes and workplaces using a Kalkhoff Pro Connect Sport E-bike and a specially designed bike trailer to tote her supplies.

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Kalkhoff Tasman E-Bike Review
Momentum Magazine
At a casual glance, this bike looks like a polished version of something seen on the streets of European cities 50 years ago, which is not surprising considering that Kalkhoff, a German company, has been making top-of-the-line bikes since 1919. Its genteel appearance has been translated into a regal ride – this bike actually makes me sit up and smile; a smile that broadens when the 250 watt Panasonic electric motor kicks in and helps me glide up hills.

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Kalkhoff E-Bikes on the Radio
Tech Talk Radio
Kalkhoff was featured on the syndicated Canadian radio program "Tech Talk".

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Digital Trends: Electric Bikes 101 at Kalkhoff eBikes
A bicycle can perk you up on the way to work, burn calories, alleviate congestion on roads, and help reduce CO2 emissions, but not everyone wants to arrive to work strapped head to toe in sweat-soaked spandex. On a visit to Kalkhoff eBikes in Portland, OR, we found out more about the niche for electric bicycles, which help commuters get around town on two wheels without breaking a sweat.

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First Ride: Kalkhoff E-Bikes
Got a chance to run out this morning for a short ride with Geoffrey Wagner from Kalkhoff USA, the importers of a well-regarded line of electric bikes. Kalkhoff has been making bikes since 1914 in Germany, and launched their first electric-assist bikes in 2005, making them an early entrant into the field.

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Report: Here come the two-wheel electric vehicles
The media may be breathlessly reporting about electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf, the Chevy Volt and the Tesla Roadster, but a report out this week from Lux Research highlights a quietly growing electric vehicle market that's poised to roar in the next five years: electric bikes and scooters.

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Electric Bicycle Designs to whet our appetites
The global sales growth of electric 2-wheelers (E2W) is expected to be a staggering 466 million in the next six years, a recent report by cleantech market intelligence firm, Pike Research reveals.

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Kalkhoff e-bikes win two awards at the Taipei International Cycle Show
The ExtraEnergy Pedelec Trophies are rewarded to the winners of the recent Test today. 6 winners in 8 product categories were awarded for their excellent product development: Derby Cycle (Easy Pedelec and Touring Pedelec), Dolphin Express (Business Pedelec), Styriette (Dutch Pedelec), Riese und Müller (City Pedelec and Wellness Pedelec), KTM (Sport Pedelec), and Giant (Family Pedelec). You will find more information on the Test and the product categories at

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Kalkhoff Bikes Portland
The Pearl District showroom stocks the six pedal-assisted models, which can be ridden with or without the 250-watt, battery-powered motor helping you along (you still always have to pedal, it just makes it a helluva lot easier on those inclines), as well as five traditional (read: human power only) models, plus Ortlieb bags, Nutcase helmets, and Nantucket baskets.

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Kalkhoff eBikes land in US
With a growing interest among American cyclists toward automobile alternatives like electric-assist bikes, Kalkhoff have chosen Portland, Oregon as their North American hub of operations, managed by Greenlight Bikes co-owner Eric von der Heyden.

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New retail shop in Pearl will sell electric bikes from Germany
In the latest sign that e-bikes are becoming more mainstream, a new retail bike shop is set to open soon in the Pearl District.

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Utility and style amidst the madness
Kalkhoff, the German e-bike maker who plans to open a retail store in NW Portland was also at Interbike.

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Greenlight Bikes LLC
Portland importer brings Kalkhoff electric bikes to US.

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Interbike Overview
Also in the city bike vein, there is Kalkhoff, a German manufacturer that is bringing its line of sporty commuter and e-bikes to the U.S. in October.

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Electric Bikes Gain Speed
Spiegel Online
Riding the Kalkhoff Pro Connect S model, a cyclist in average shape can reach speeds of about 40 kilometers per hour (25 miles per hour) on flat ground -- that's roughly the average speed of cyclists in the Tour de France -- without over exerting themselves at all. The manufacturer refers to this effect as an "integrated tailwind."

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