The Ultimate Electric Bike
History: a short ride down memory lane

Heinrich Kalkhoff began his career on a bicycle, delivering mail—and later bicycle parts—to isolated farms in rural Germany. That was in 1914. By 1923, he had two employees producing Kalkhoff-designed bicycle frames. By 1940, the Kalkhoff Works employed seventy people and had manufactured 700,000 bicycles, all under the exacting (and some might say obsessive) eye of Herr Kalkhoff. The fifties saw Kalkhoff pioneering some of the very first motorized bicycles and mopeds (and you thought that was a recent trend), followed by a successful foray into professional racing bikes in the sixties.

In 1972, just a few years after turning the management of the company over to his three sons, Kalkhoff had one of the best known and revered brands in Germany, celebrating the assembly of its five millionth bike.

In 2005, Kalkhoff introduced its first eBike to the European market, and has already developed something of a cult following among serious e-commuters.

The success of Kalkhoff can be attributed to its founder's adamant discipline, his insistence on quality (of employees, processes and materials), simplicity, design and durability. But underneath those traits, which persist to this day, there lies an even more fundamental and enduring legacy: an obsession with pretty much every detail, and an unbridled passion for making the world's finest bicycles. That, in a nutshell, is our history. And pretty much our singular vision for the future, as well.

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