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Pro Connect Sport Review

Pro Connect Sport Fast Pedelec E-Bike Madie In Germany

We have received a lot of great testimonials from customers. Here is one example of a happy Pro Connect Sport customer:

Purchased the Pro Connect Sport and am very pleased.  The people at Kalkhoff USA were very good to work with and always responded promptly to any questions I had.  The bike exceeds expectations and puts a grin on your face (fast and fun).  The handlebar grips are very comfortable, the Shimano XT drive train effortless,  the brakes are very solid, and the motor is quiet and smooth. The guys down at the local bike shop as well as a friend that owns the Trek “Lance Armstrong” carbon fiber bike, have all been impressed with the quality of components and design. I use the bike for commuting and pleasure. Been pleased with the battery life and very much agree with the design of having the power of the motor go through the bikes gears, as opposed to hub motors. This sport still has the feel of a bike and won’t leave you stranded if the battery dies. Great product, good design, and I hope to see more of them on the road.

P.S.   If you want to ride for a workout, just leave the motor off and turn in back on when you’ve had enough.

– Tom, Omaha, Nebraska

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