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Biking is Fun

There is a common  misconception is that e-bikes will only be popular when there is a need or purpose such as high gas prices or a guilty conscious about carbon emissions. These are valid considerations but another motivating factor, one often cited by Kalkhoff customers, is simply an upgrade of one’s lifestyle.

Americans aren’t afraid to spend money on ipads, iphones or home theater to improve their everyday lifestyle. But short of buying a nicer car, there aren’t many options to upgrading one aspect of our daily lives – car trips.

E-bikes make the freedom, fun and convenience of getting around by bike accessible to a much larger group of people – people who want to drive less but don’t want to sweat every time they ride their bikes, struggle up hills, limit what they carry or have to plan in lots of precious time for every trip.

How often do we go on a drive for fun? Truth is, we are dependent on our cars. Most people can’t live without them. An e-bike provides is the first real viable option for a lot of people, and its a fun one at that. You don’t have to be Einstein to figure that out.

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