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Kalkhoff Bikes: the beauty of engineering

Commuting and Touring Bikes from Kalkhoff USA

Kalkhoff offers a wide range of bikes designed for riding comfortably and in style across town or across the country. Every Kalkhoff is designed and engineered to inspire. Every detail, every component, every aspect of ergonomics, safety and durability is obsessively considered and rigorously tested (to say the least).

Whether you are investing in a fully-loaded, step-through city bikecruiser or a lightweight fast commuter with a top-end derailleur, you can be assured that your Kalkhoff represents the very best that German engineering has to offer - a machine that is consistently rated among the best in every class.

We invite you to thoroughly and discriminately compare the specific features of Kalkhoffs with any other bicycles you might be considering. Because when you do, a Kalkhoff just looks more and more attractive.